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History of Enterprise BIONA, OOO

The main objective of the Group of companies "Bion" is security crop yields, feed for livestock, poultry and livestock products, and the protection of human health - its main purpose.

For more than 40 years, the company does not change the scope and type of business, thereby improving its product range according to the needs of the time. Today, GK "Bion" specializes in the production of the safest products of biological origin used in the agricultural industry.

Throughout all these years, production company manufactures vitamin and mineral supplements, chemical and pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and feed concentrates. Over time, changing approaches and technologies, and varied product range. Promoting environmental solutions in plant growing industry, poultry and livestock through biotechnology is one of the basic principles of biofactories.


In the gallery of our company are stored producer strains drugs. These producers develops and institutes of technology, cultivated on a prepared environment, undergo a series of tests on special objects and then sent to production.


Biotechnology is rather knowledge-based and fast-growing market of the agricultural industry. To check the quality of the products the company was established research laboratory, staffed by experienced scientists on new products. Monitoring and testing of products is carried out chemical and biological laboratory. Each batch of product is tested and samples are stored in the archives of the enterprise. All the preparations required to undergo tests for safety and effectiveness.


The company's mission is to provide environmental products industries crop, poultry and livestock.



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