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Feed additive Laktovir

Feed additive Laktovir
  • Feed additive Laktovir
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It is used for farm animals: calves, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, quails.


Peptidogidrolizata succinate mixture, 10% aqueous solution.


Appointment of the drug:

Preventive treatment of viral diseases caused by DNA and RNA viruses, virus reproduction cycle which depends on the cell nucleus.


Immunobiologichesky properties:

The product is a composition of acid peptides that are capable of self-organization and self-adaptation in the body, the mechanism of which is based on the blockade of the nuclear import of the peptides
and do not allow importin viral genome to cross the nuclear membrane. The effect of the drug occurs within 20 minutes after application. By adapting the drug is impossible from an animal virus, and due to the fact that the drug is a live self-organizing system composite pharmacophore and it is unique for each animal, and virus. It is effective when administered orally.
- Prevention of viral animal diseases caused by RNA viruses: paramyxoviruses (RED parainfluenza), coronavirus (koronovirusnaya cattle infection, viral
gastroenteritis of pigs), rotavirus (rotavirus diarrhea in calves, piglets rotavirus enteritis), pestiviruses (viral diarrhea cattle).
- Prevention of viral diseases of animal DNA viruses: herpes viruses (IBR), parvovirus (parvovirus infection of cattle and pigs), adenoviruses (adenoviral pneumonia calves) and pigs, vezikulovirusami.


Recommended application rates:

Efficacy of dostigaetsya by oral administration for prevention of viral diseases in animals: 0.06 ml of a 10% solution of 1 kg orally (according to the scheme

ME application - see instructions) At the first signs of disease manifestations general condition Laktovir animals used daily for 5-7 days 0.09 ml of 10% solution per 1 kg of weight..

Recommended for:
- IBR Cattle (respiratory form, the genital form);
- Rotavirus infection;
- Koronovirusnaya infection;
- Adenoviral infection;
- Viral diarrhea cattle;
- Viral gastroenteritis of pigs;
- Parvovirus infection.


Before use, the containers with the product thoroughly shaken.

breeding period (karentsiya): zero days.


Contraindications, features and side  effects:

- Contraindications and side effects have not been established.

- Do not mix Laktovir with other drugs or antiseptics.
- Unclaimed drug utilized by boiling for 30 minutes.
- Do not use beyond the expiration date.


The result of the application:

- Improves the overall resistance of the organism to the agents of viral diseases caused by DNA and RNA viruses;

- Preparation contains not xenobiotics readily absorbed after oral administration, and after 4 hours after application of it can not be detected in the meat or eggs;
- Inhibits concentration and stops the multiplication of pathogens of viral diseases at any stage.


Formulation: opaque, milky white fluid from white to light yellow in color. When storing the solution is separated, the precipitate is easily lifted by shaking.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Storage: store in the original packaging or in a transport container in a dry and dark place at temperature from + 40C to + 150C.

Packing: polyethylene containers of 1 liter.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Weight: 1 L
Information is up-to-date: 19.06.2020
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