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Natural complex macro - and minerals in the helatny Sunny Mix form
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Appointment: The natural complex of microfertilizers of the third generation containing the innovative system "Super Chelate" for increase of productivity of crops and improvement of qualitative characteristics of production. Except macro - and minerals, additional functional additives -...
Group: Microfertilizers
Probiotic Subtisporin
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Probiotics - bacterial preparations of living microbial cultures, representatives of the normal flora of the intestine - do not cause side effects, no contraindications for use in veterinary and health purposes. Curative properties of probiotics are as antagonistic activity against pathogenic...
Group: Probiotics, veterinary
The mycorrhizal preparation increasing the soaking-up surface of root system of Rizomaks
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Appointment: It is intended for stimulation of growth of root system, improvement of opportunities of a water exchange and mineral food of plants, increase of resistance to adverse factors of external environment (antistressant), to soil pathogens and nematodes. Structure: Sporous...
Group: Floccus
Inoculant Nitrofiks F
In stock 
It designed to inoculate seeds of legumes: soya beans, peas, chickpeas, beans, alfalfa. For each species of legumes used a single strain of bacteria of the genus Rizobium. Apply for available nitrogen plants and reduce the cost of technology of cultivation of legumes  Operating...
Group: Inoculums
Hepatoprotectors Gepatrof
In stock 
Natural substitute for propylene glycol. Complex preparation for the maintenance and improvement of the liver and gastrointestinal tract highly productive cows. "Gepatrof"  provides 5 levels of the body protect cows: protection against ketosis and acidosis; cleansing of the liver; protection and...
Group: Feed additives
Probiotic for pig Pentaprol
In stock 
Probiotic "Pentaprol" for the normalization of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulation of metabolic processes in the body of poultry and animals, increase the digestibility of forages, increasing productivity.   The preparation consists of the following live cultures of lactic...
Group: Probiotics, veterinary
The drug Hay and forage conservation Probaktil
In stock 
Preparation of hay - a biological method of preserving forage requiring anaerobic conditions of storage (sealed storage trench or tower). The basis of preparation of silage is "physiologically" dry substrate, which prevents the development of aerobic microorganisms. The use of technology to...
Group: Haylage
Plant growth regulators
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Group: Plant growth regulators
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Group: Herbicides
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Group: Insecticides
Feed additive Laktovir
Custom order 
It is used for farm animals: calves, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, quails. Composition: Peptidogidrolizata succinate mixture, 10% aqueous solution.   Appointment of the drug: Preventive treatment of viral diseases caused by DNA and RNA viruses, virus...
Group: Feed additives
Chemical weed and pest killers
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Group: Chemical weed and pest killers


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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
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Our company specializes in development and deployment of biotechnologies in an agricultural industry thanks to which production of agriculture becomes environmentally friendly and safe for the end user. We provide to each our client complex service: we hold the detailed analysis of production and consultations, if necessary we carry out departure of experts, we carry out delivery of preparations in farms. Already now our clients are individuals, farms, the agro-industrial enterprises and holdings in which technological schemes biological products of TM "Biona" already won strong positions. We guarantee you receiving good results at the correct application of biological preparations TM "Biona". We constantly improve the technologies for the purpose of obtaining the best quality. We carry out flexible price policy, each client is in own way close and dear to us. We are constantly ready to consult any client regarding purchase and use of our production. Biological products are delivered by us according to the first requirement of the client, in the right place and the term determined by it. We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of developments, production and introduction of biotechnologies. We always listen to wishes of clients and are ready to put them into practice if they conform to our general requirements to production. In the company the rallied group of the high quality experts having unique knowledge in the field of biotechnologies for agriculture capable to satisfy wishes of any client works. We monitor all world trends and we keep up to date. All our biological products are certified and have a full package of necessary documents. We can tell with pride that our biological products in the market hold a leading position, and our company is the leader in their production.
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Why leaven in canning

Silage is a biological method of preserving forage, which is based on lactic acid fermentation. The level of fermentation depends on the presence of sugars, as well as proteins, amino acids, alkali salts of organic acids and other substances having buffer properties.  In addition, the nature of microbiological processes in the maturing silo determines the bacterial dissemination of plant mass. Silage organizing and taking care of the maximum accumulation of lactic acid in the silo it ...


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